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Quality Homes in Spokane WA

Georgen Homes has been building award winning quality, custom Spokane Homes for over 27 years. They have built over 350 Spokane homes in Greater Spokane since 1993. And today, Georgen Homes offers government backed Energy Star Certified homes as well as 2-Star Built Green.

Member of the Spokane Builders Association"Our mission statement is building a relationship with good communication, understanding and owner involvment," says Bruce Georgen, past President of the Spokane Home Builders Association. "We hold each buyers hand and walk them through the complex process of building their home so that they have an enjoyable, stressless and educational experience."

Georgen Homes of Spokane Washington pays close attention to all the details during construction and long after delivery. "Your home is important to us and all your concerns will be met," Tyler Wageman adds. Georgen Homes is always on time and always on budget.

A Quality Custom Builder

Energy efficient homesLooking for a home for sale Spokane?

Home buying is hard enough without having to know all the complex details of energy-efficient construction when looking for a home in Spokane for sale. And Georgen Homes understands that. and takes the time to make sure that you know what "energy-efficiency" is going to do for you over the long haul.

Not only will your Georgen Home save you thousands of dollars over the life of the home, you will have the peace of mind that comes with a properly installed high energy efficient furnace and water heater, tighter construction, sealed and pressure tested cold air returns and mechanical heat runs, better installed windows as well as compact florescent lighting.

You get better protection from cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution and noise. An Energy Star qualified home in Spokane for sale by Georgen provides consistent temperatures, improved indoor air quality, and greater durability.

Built Green and Energy Star

Built to Built Green standardsAlthough "Built Green" and "Energy Star" have many things in common, building green places a greater emphasis on being more responsible to the environment (a concern with all Georgen Spokane Homes). All of the lumber used to frame a Georgen Home in Spokane for sale is recycled along with the cardboard from packaged finished products such as lighting and plumbing fixtures. "We use paints, glues and cleaners with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) improving indoor air quality with less environmental pollution," says Bruce Georgen.

Locally manufactured products are used for finish packages, doors, moldings, flooring and cabinets so they don't have to be shipped over great distances increasing their carbon footprint. Heating systems are centrally located to increase their efficiency. Low flowing shower heads and compact fluorsecent lighting contribute to less energy consumption and savings.

Buying a Georgen Home in Spokane for sale, you have the piece of mind knowing that not only do all Georgen Spokane homes have greater value, you are acting responsible by buying Spokane homes that protects the environment.

Georgen Efficient Homes

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